Blog to Get Matching Podcast!

Hello, readers! Do have any subscribers left? I haven’t blogged in a long time. This is because I was involved in a legal settlement involving the accident I was in (which you can read a little about here at “Why My Bones Rejoice“). But now I’m free!

Getting the message about the importance (an obtainability!) of joy is so important to me, so I’m using every means possible to do so. So Rejoicing Bones will not be just a blog, but it will be a vlog and Podcast, all done uniformly to tell the same story. Some of my blogs will be read and turned into audio blogs for those like me who struggle to read sometimes.

Together, let’s discover the secret to Invincible Joy. It’s there to be had!


  1. 🎉Congrats -I rejoice with you! 🎉

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  2. Russ,
    Thank you for your time and encouragement to us all!
    Many blessings to you kind Sir.
    Appreciate you tremendously !!!


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