Remember the Lonely

To some, loneliness is an affliction.

It isolates you.

You’re in a room – like some kind of quarantine.

But this is a light and momentary affliction. Remember The baby Jesus was born so that he could go and prepare a place for you in his father’s house, which has many rooms.

To some, loneliness is a darkness. A cloud of obscurity.

You feel invisible.

But the true light of the world has come so that he could call you a friend and brother or sister.

To some, loneliness is a wall. It divides you from others who don’t know or care how you feel.

But Jesus came so that the veil between you and your father would be torn away.

In Jesus, we have a High Priest who is able to empathise.

Jesus was born to become the loneliest man in the history of mankind; all his friends would leave him and he would feel the darkest of separations from his Father. Jesus was born to die.

In this – in this he would purchase a relationship for you with his Father and that takes us into His presence forever. Here is the fullness of joy.

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  1. Great Post! Loneliness is like a robe that wraps around you and at times no matter how you try to discard the blanket of loneliness, it clings to you. I am thankful for Jesus as he helps me shed that blanket. Merry Christmas Mr. Russ

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